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Marlpool Coach House
The Ferns
Sea Breeze
Thurston Cottage
Thurston Cottage
56 New Forest Drive


Recent successful planning applications include:

Extension of Riversdale, Park Close, Brockenhurst

Extension of 7 Careys Cottages, Brockenhurst

Extension of Fern House, Lower Pennington Lane, Lymington

Extension of 5 Careys Cottages, Brockenhurst

Alterations to Marlpool Coach House, Lymington Road, Brockenhurst

Extension of Sea Breeze, Belmore Lane, Lymington

Change of use of wasteland to garden, The Ferns, Mill Lane, Brockenhurst

Alterations to Thurston Cottage, Mill Lane, Brockenhurst

Extension of 56 New Forest Drive, Brockenhurst

Extension of St Julian, St James Road, Sway

Extension of Rivendell, Sway Road, Brockenhurst

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